Unity Chiropractic
Holistic Care for Health and Happiness

About Us

We want you to feel at home when you visit us.  Please come right in and help yourself to some fresh fruit, water, or hot tea.  We will treat you like friends and family. 

Our treatments emphasize spinal therapy, soft tissue massage, joint manipulation, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, and includes exercise, health, lifestyle, and nutritional counseling.

What to expect at your first visit

On your first visit, you should plan to come ten minutes early to fill out some forms.  When you are finished, the doctor will review your history and perform a physical exam to help her understand your complaints.  Next, She will sit down and discuss with you her exam findings and her plans for treating you personally.  Treating you may include electrical stimulation, light therapy, ultrasound, massage, Active Release Technique, and joint manipulation.  The doctor may also include nutritional and exercise counseling.


We offer easy online booking